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Resent work: MFA Thesis- Abstract

Exile is a series of paintings that focuses on my emotional state of displacement while I emigrated, as an adolescent, from Europe to America.  I have chosen the imagery of the Laguna Beach Canyon landscape, which emulates yet another transitional moment in my life, the present.  I have become an artist here at the Laguna College of Art & Design (LCAD) and I continue to pursue my passion for art.  This pursuit triggered consistent reflection on my childhood conflicts.  For Exile, I bonded with abandoned and relocated homes in Laguna Canyon. Accordingly choosing them, to symbolize human characters and my emotional state when I was uprooted from Belgrade, Serbia, my country of birth. The advance in years prompted me to reflect on social and cultural differences, a persistent tension appeared. This tension is symbolized through opposing elements: the natural landscape and the man-made homes.  The organic forms are permanent and the architectural structures are impermanent and uprooted just as my life has been. My childhood impressions were that I must have done something terribly wrong to be punished and put in exile. This series of paintings and thesis paper have given voice to my individual observations. Exile was the perfect analogy of my feelings of alienation when I came to America. Therefore, I have combined my present location in time with the emotional turmoil of my childhood.  The seasonal and “time-of-day” changes of this landscape series have become a metaphor of years of transition for me in order to find my authentic self.  This Master of Fine Arts thesis analyzes my work, explains my painting process, and translates into words my visual, personal journey. With this project I hope to heighten awareness and illuminate the viewers sensitivity to immigrants and their feelings of displacement.